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We treat your data with care and discretion
SYSVAR limited  respects the privacy of individuals and is committed to protecting it.
SYSVAR limited provides this Privacy Policy Statement in order to disclose the rules and procedures governing the processing of personal data and disclose how we collect and use of personal information and the choices available to user .

The website  is structured in general so as to enable the user to visit it without identifying or reveal personal information. The personal data Privacy Statement is available on the menu IMPRINT on top in the bottom of  and address on each page it contains.
Links to websites not owned by SYSVAR limited
For your convenience and information, the website may contain links to other companies websites. If you access those links, you will leave the Web site  SYSVAR limited has no control over these sites or the procedures they apply to respect data confidentiality. These procedures may therefore be different from those adopted by SYSVAR limited.
SYSVAR limited assumes no responsibility nor formulates any statement in relation to other companies websites. The personal data you choose to give to unrelated third parties unrelated to SYSVAR limited is not covered by this privacy statement. Before disclosing personal information, therefore, we invite visitors to review the privacy policy of any company with which it comes in contact. Some companies unrelated to SYSVAR limited may decide to share your personal information they possess with SYSVAR limited itself. In this case, this data is governed by the procedures used by the company involved in processing personal data.
Types of data
This privacy statement covers personal information, non-personal data collection and aggregate data.
Personal information:
this is information associated with your name or personal identity of the visitor. SYSVAR limited uses personal information to better understand your needs and interests and provide you with better service. If you choose to disclose personal information, SYSVAR limited guarantees that will only be used to support the relationship entertained with the customer. SYSVAR limited considers precious your trust as customers. SYSVAR limited undertakes not to transfer, sell, rent or lease your personal information to others.
non-personal information:
this is data about the use and operation of the service and are not associated with a specific personal identity. SYSVAR limited collects and analyzes non-personal information to evaluate the use of the website from customers. Non-personal information collected may include the pages visited on the website, unique URLs visited in part of, browser type and IP address. Most non-personal data is collected via cookies or other analysis technologies. Web pages use cookies, Web beacons and other technologies for data analysis and personalization services . SYSVAR limited uses services from other websites, which may use cookies.
Non-personal data is aggregated in reports about the usability, performance and effectiveness of the website This data is used to improve customer service, ease of use and the content of the site.
With whom we share your information
SYSVAR limited undertakes not to transfer, sell, rent or lease your personal information to others.
SYSVAR limited not communicating your personal information to third parties except to respond to customer inquiries about products or services. The release of this information by the customer is bound to his consent.
SYSVAR limited share information about customers with legal entities operating on our behalf solely in the terms described in section use of information.
SYSVAR limited with utility companies and third party suppliers contracts for the supply of services and complete solutions to customers as described in the section "use of information". Service companies and suppliers have the obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the information received on behalf of SYSVAR limited and may not use it for purposes other than the services that are running on behalf of the last. Service providers may change or SYSVAR limited may decide to entrust their additional services in order to better serve the customers.
SYSVAR limited will share with third parties personal information if the client has consented, unless it is required by law for proceedings, lawsuits, subpoenas or local legislation.
Changes to this statement
In In case of changes to the terms of the Privacy Statement online, SYSVAR limited will publish these changes and update the revision date in this document, so that customers will always know what information we collect online, how we use and the choices available to them. In the event that any material changes to this statement, SYSVAR limited will send a notice to the affected customers.
Contact SYSVAR limited
SYSVAR limited welcomes customer feedback. To send comments or questions about our privacy statement, please send all at
This Privacy Statement applies in United Kingdom

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